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A Communal Christmas
December 28, 2014

From the Field


In mid-December, everyone at The SOLD Project took seriously the challenge and camaraderie of putting together our mid-winter festivities and celebrations! While staff, naturally, oversaw the affair, our scholarship kids took up a large portion of the responsibility of creating our Christmas party by making the stage, organizing event details, andcollaborating with staff about how best to include their families and neighbors.

The party was highly attended and a smashing success. At the party, we also took some time to give the students Christmas gifts. It was beautiful and rewarding to see their smiles at the surprise, but the deeper gift, the more important gift was not the ones they held in their hands.

It was:

– A community coming together, doing with and for each other, instead of falling apart, disparate or breaking down

– Experience in collaborating on a big project, sharing their ideas, putting plans into action

– Burgeoning leadership

– An act of service for their community

– The knowledge that they are part of something larger than themselves–a truth we hope will impart resilience in the times that they need it.

They are not alone.

We walk with them. We work with them. We cry with them. And we celebrate….together.

Happy Holidays to all who share in our dream of seeing these children proud, emboldened, and most of all: free!

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