Work with us in Thailand

We love when compassionate people are ready to take the next step and volunteer at our Resource Centers in Thailand. Our primary goal is the prevention of child trafficking through scholarships and mentoring. For this reason, volunteer spots are limited based on staff needs and volunteer fit, including demonstrated commitment to The Freedom Story or the issue of human trafficking.


We are proud to offer internship opportunities, enabling some of these passionate, talented people to join our cause in a more official capacity, gain valuable real-world experience, and leave knowing they’ve made a difference. Our internships are a perfect opportunity for those interested in a career in the non-profit sector, international development, or justice work in general. If you’re interested in becoming an intern with the The Freedom Story, we invite you to explore the opportunities listed below for more information and to learn how to apply.

Do you love inspiring others? Do you stay up late thinking about how you can use Pinterest to change the world?

The Freedom Story, a grassroots organization working for prevention of child exploitation in Thailand, is looking for a social media intern to work in our U.S. office in Oakland, CA. We’re looking for someone that wants to help us push our brand, voice, mission, and most importantly, our donors and connections forward. The social media intern is responsible for helping develop our media, marketing, and communication strategy. The social media intern will bring his or her expertise of social media to the table and will support The Freedom Story’s awareness and engagement efforts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  • Marketing Research: Engage in target audience, event and award research.
  • Develop Strategies: Help develop and implement peer-to-peer campaigns and plan short term campaigns.
  • Tell Great Stories: Engage with our supporters and followers in the social media space, telling stories as well as educating our audience about education, prevention, and human trafficking.
  • Help with Design: Work with us to create event flyers, program promotionals, and find and work with printers.
  • Fill in the Blanks: Develop a Diigo or Hootsuite account (if applicable) to help us build a better database of our marketing efforts, updating our media page, and tagging our media mentions on our Diigo/Hootsuite account.
  • Help Us Say Thank You: Reach out to donors for interviews or surveys, help us discover bloggers for raffles and connections, and contact and thank donors by phone or email.
  • Share Ideas: We looking forward to hearing your ideas!


  • Experience in communications for an international nonprofit organization
  • Mentorship from experts in the field
  • A recommendation letter from the president for future job applications
  • Exposure to U.S. operations
  • The opportunity to promote and engage in events
  • The opportunity to build your portfolio
  • Participation in the fight against child trafficking globally


  • Excellent writing skills
  • Some background in communications, marketing, graphic design, English, or business. We’ll gladly work with an art major, an international studies student, or any other prodigy if you can demonstrate that you’ve got the skills to support our needs.
  • Proven experience using Twitter and Facebook and demonstrated use of other relevant networks like Pinterest, WordPress, etc.
  • Sense of humor, belief in our values, and a desire to change the world.
  • Laptop computer that can be brought to work is preferred.

This is an unpaid position requiring at least 10 hours per week. Hours are flexible.


Interested? Great! This is where many internship listings ask you to email your resume and a boring cover letter into some black hole. We’re sure you’ve done this before. We have too, and it’s lame. So we’re going to do something a little different. We still want you to email us your resume, but we also want to hear your voice, see your creativity, and, most importantly, we want to know what inspires you. Send us a sample of some previous work, or take the internship for a test drive, and run with any of the tasks listed above. Any and all creative demonstrations are welcome, including, but not limited to:

  • Sending us a link to a blog post that you’ve written.
  • Editing or improving any page on our website to make it better. (It won’t hurt our feelings.)
  • Showing us how you would promote our projects or content on Twitter or on Facebook with some sample tweets or posts.

If you follow these directions and show us your passion, we promise that your email, resume, and anything else you send will be reviewed by a real person with the same thoughtfulness that you put into applying. Email us at: