Celebrating Ten Years of Freedom

Preventing child trafficking is possible.

Join us on the 10-year anniversary of The Freedom Story as we celebrate a decade of child trafficking prevention. Help us prevent trafficking by teaching human rights, raising awareness and understanding, and facilitating healing in the Chiang Rai region of Thailand. In partnership with One Day’s Wages, your gift to this campaign is matched up to $25,000, for a total of $50,000.

Ten years ago a little girl named Cat inspired us to start a prevention organization.
Ten years later, she is thriving.

Where are they now?

We spent time with students who have been in The Freedom Story’s programs for the last ten years. In partnership with Workshops With a Purpose, Ethical Storytelling training was provided to the photographers who captured these beautiful images and spent time with each of these incredible young people. The Freedom Story is honored to have played a role in their stories and celebrate their accomplishments and resiliency.

We prevent child trafficking & exploitation through scholarships, mentorship, & resources for at-risk children.

Breaking the cycle at the source

While 43% of the region’s students drop out before finishing primary education, 93% of our scholarship students, the most at-risk in the region, stay in school. With your help, we’re proving the power of prevention.

scholarships for the most at-risk students
kids learn their sexual and legal rights
rural participants in our sustainability programs
Watch our film to see the power of prevention

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