Help us raise $100,000 to prevent child trafficking

We’re connecting at-risk children to mentorship, resources, and people with hearts set on protecting them from trafficking and exploitation. Help us raise $100,000 by midnight PST on Dec. 31, 2022, to prevent child trafficking in northern Thailand.

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Human trafficking is a global problem where people are coerced into working in slave-like conditions and other forms of abuse and exploitation.

It even happens to children–including sexual abuse for monetary profit. Poverty and lack of education are major risk factors that leave children vulnerable to traffickers. We believe in stopping trafficking and exploitation before it starts.

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Our Impact

While 43% of the region’s students drop out before finishing primary education, 89% of our scholarship students, the most at-risk in the region, stay in school.


5,700+ children learn their sexual and legal rights and 10,000+ adults taught rights

320+ Scholarships

for the most at-risk students in Northern Thailand


1,500 members impacted by our sustainable livelihoods program

With your help, we’re proving the power of prevention, by providing education and resources to the most vulnerable.


Join a Freedom Chapter

When we hear about the vast scale of child trafficking and how awful it is for children, we can feel powerless to stop it. That’s why we’ve created a unique prevention program– so you can help stop it before it starts. Join our community to protect vulnerable children for as little as $15/month.


With so much darkness in the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But the Freedom Story bring hope and light into my life. I’ve supported them for over 10 years, and I always feel informed from their newsletters, stories, and videos. I feel like my contribution is actually making a positive difference to these children's lives – and that’s incredibly important to me.”