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Help Us Win $1,000 for Prevention–Here’s How!
September 18, 2019

Want a way to support The Freedom Story in a big way, without it costing you a cent? You can help us win $1,000 by voting for our photo in the Global Giving contest! Then spread the word and get all your friends to vote too!


It’s super quick and easy. You just click to vote using your email address and then verify in the confirmation email. Takes less than a minute! Then just give us a shout out on all your social media!

help us win!


What Could We Do If We Win $1,000?

We could:

  • Run 3 Human Rights Outreach Events
    These events expand our reach into other districts, as well as spread awareness about human rights, trafficking and other related issues
  • Run our After-school & Saturday Program for a Month
    These programs help us build relationships with the students where we can help guide them and keep them on the path to higher education
  • Cover the cost of our English and Math tutors
    The extra support helps keep our kids in school
  • Host 1 Youth Camp
    The youth camps are important events which help build stronger family relationships, so the kids have a more resilient network of support to keep them in school and less vulnerable to the lure of traffickers and others who want to exploit them
  • Conduct 4 Stage Plays for Outreach
    These plays help students develop critical leadership skills and is another opportunity to spread awareness about trafficking to the larger communityOr…
  • Keep TWO Kids in School for a Year!
    Staying in school is one of the most important factors that can help a child avoid exploitation and trafficking!

There’s so much we could do with this support! Don’t wait! Click today!

There’s only a little time left. Contest ends at noon EDT on Friday, September 20!

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