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We’re Celebrating Our High School Graduates!
May 30, 2024

Do you have any special memories of high school graduation? Or for those of you who have teenagers in your life, you must be freshly and keenly aware of what a major milestone graduating from high school is. That’s pretty true for most kids becoming graduates. 

But for kids who are at risk of being trafficked for sexual exploitation, it means something even more. For the children we work with, graduating from high school is the single, biggest mark we have of a successfully safe transfer from a childhood of vulnerability into a more prosperous and free adulthood. It means we safely saw them through to adulthood and ensured that trafficking risk didn’t turn into a reality. We helped to keep them safe. And we set them on a path for greater possible life opportunities than if they had dropped out. This achievement is a victory both in their personal journeys and in our collective efforts to prevent child trafficking. 

To put into context what graduating from high school means for these kids, it might be helpful to take a look at the community around them by comparison. In a recent survey in Thailand, we learned about the latest available education rates. We learned that, among the poorest families in Thailand, only 41.6% graduate from upper-secondary. That graduates number drops even lower when you look at households whose native language is not Thai. Their upper-secondary completion rate is 29.7%! 

Our Graduates

By comparison, despite coming from poverty or from ethnic minority backgrounds, our students have a 90% graduation rate. It really goes to show how our high school students have overcome significant struggles and far surpassed their peers. 

This celebration is not theirs alone though. Your involvement as donors made sure that these youth are protected from exploitation and have the chance to thrive! 

Saitharn, one of our recent graduates, said, “Now that the end of high school is almost here, I am filled with excitement. After finishing my studies, I feel very satisfied that I met all of the goals I set for myself. I did well in school because my family and The Freedom Story always supported and encouraged me. Beyond what I’ve learned in school, their help and advice have been very helpful. Thanks to TFS, I’ve been able to use the knowledge and skills I’ve learned to do well in school. I’m also very grateful to the donors and hardworking staff at TFS who have always been there for me and encouraged me. Thanks so much for that, I will always be thankful.” 

Some students opt for a vocational school path instead. The difference your involvement makes is equally critical for them too. One of our vocational school graduates, Kritsana, said, “I want to thank all the donors who provided funding for my education scholarship while I was in vocational school. This scholarship helped me get to such a good level of education. The scholarship funds were used to pay for things like school supplies and daily living bills, which made things a lot easier on my family financially. I took part in many activities arranged by The Freedom Story and the college during the last school year. I was able to develop personally, become more self-assured, gained greater leadership abilities, and improve my relationships with my family. It’s also important for me to thank my TFS mentors for helping me with all parts of my life, such as learning, working, and family. Thank you for giving me the chance to learn how to get around in this world. Now I feel strong and ready to look after my family and myself.”

Our donor community’s generous and kind contributions have made such a difference in their lives! We are all so excited for what the future has in store for them. Thank you for being an integral part of this incredible journey. You are helping to create lasting change and empower the next generation!

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