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Combating human trafficking and child sexual exploitation requires empathy, passion, and knowledge.

There’s no better way to get this than by hearing directly from those working on the ground to combat it every day. Our Field Learning Trips equip passionate and generous individuals with the experience and knowledge needed to take meaningful action.

About Field Learning Trips

Field Learning Trips are 7 days of experiencing the beauty of Thailand and it’s people while also learning about the complexities of child sexual exploitation and human trafficking from leading non-profit practitioners.

Before the trip, we’ll provide a list of reading materials, more information about the trip’s itinerary, and brief cultural training.

Throughout the trip, we’ll introduce you to experts in the field and organizations we partner with. These site visits provide educational presentations and structured conversations, so you return home prepared and excited to share your experience. And while the trip’s focus is on learning about the importance of trafficking prevention, we make sure to share with you the beauty that Thailand offers. We eat at thoughtfully curated restaurants with the best Thai food, stay at unique boutique hotels and incorporate site visits (like a visit to an elephant sanctuary at the Golden Triangle) for a memorable trip.

At the close of the trip we’ll talk about next steps. Past attendees have hosted dinner parties or other events, written guest blog posts, committed to raising money for student scholarships, or simply told their friends about their trip and invited them to get involved in the work of prevention.

Upcoming 2019 Field Learning Trip

Our 2019 Field Learning Trip will take place November 4th – 11th. Beginning in Bangkok, it will continue to Chiang Mai and end in Chiang Rai, where we will visit The Freedom Story’s Resource Centers. In addition to learning about the complex historical, social, and economic layers of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, participants will meet and learn from a few of our partner organizations as well as some of our staff and scholarship students.

This year’s trip will be co-led by Rachel Goble (CEO, The Freedom Story) and Lucy McCray (Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, The Freedom Story).

Who should apply?

We give priority for placement on these trips to existing Freedom Story donors and supporters. We look for people who are serious about getting involved with The Freedom Story and our mission. We also seek individuals who have demonstrated a passion for and commitment to social justice. Space is limited to 12 individuals, and attendees must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by a legal guardian if under 18.

Upcoming 2019 Field Learning Trip
Shared Room


Great for couples, or for an individual traveler that doesn’t mind sharing a hotel room with another Learning Trip Attendee. (Price is per person)

Private Room


We stay in four star hotels and you would be the only occupant in your hotel room. (Price is per person)

What’s included:

  • In-country travel including your flight to Chiang Mai and a private van from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai
  • 4 star hotels in central, downtown locations
  • Three (delicious!) meals per day
  • Cultural outings including temple entrance fees and a visit to the elephant sanctuary at the Golden Triangle
  • Full time translator on the trip
  • Access to learning from leaders and their anti-trafficking organizations
  • Donations to the partner organizations who generously host us
  • Two knowledgeable and fun hosts with 15 years collective experience in Thailand – we’re excited to share our favorite restaurants, sites and experiences with you

What’s not included:

  • Participants are responsible for purchasing their airfare to and from Bangkok
  • Taxi from the Bangkok airport to the hotel
  • Taxi from the hotel in Chiang Rai to the Chiang Rai Airport
  • The trip concludes in Chiang Rai and participants are encouraged to continue traveling, or can opt to purchase a ticket to Bangkok for their connecting flight home. Therefore, the flight from Chiang Rai to your next destination is not included.
  • Alcohol is not included
  • Odds and ends such as souvenir shopping or coffee shop visits are not included.
  • There is a scheduled ‘Free Day’ in Chiang Mai for you to explore this beautiful city. While there are many free activities, if you choose to do a scheduled tour or visit a site, this is not included in the trip fee. We’re happy to provide recommendations for what to do with your time!

These amounts are meant to serve as an estimate only and are subject to change.


Well organized but not overbearing. The learning trip is carefully planned and executed so that participants can relax and make space for spontaneity that happens organically on a once-in-a-lifetime trip like these. There is a good balance of the intensity of the content mixed in with leisure play so that you truly enjoy Thailand not as monolithic, but as the beautiful and hospitable nation that it is, without disregarding its complicated history and social realities. You will learn and have fun and get as full of an experience of Thailand as possible in a short trip."

The trip to Thailand that The Freedom Story curates is informative, inspirational and immersive! I loved learning about Thailand — from understanding the complexities of human trafficking to experiencing the rich and beautiful culture." (To read more about Lindsey’s reflections, check out her blog here.)

A truly eye opening, immersive and encompassing look at trafficking in Thailand. A perfect mixture of topical and cultural learning that won’t leave you feeling hopeless, but rather, inspired to engage."

This trip is extremely informative and fun! I love Freedom Story’s perspective and participation to make a difference in a multilayered complex problem. I recommend this trip to anyone who wants to learn how to make a difference."

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