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The SOLD Project is Growing
June 18, 2015

Please help us expand our reach and meet the demands of trafficking prevention!

When The SOLD Project began in 2008, we were working really deep on the ground level in a remote village in Northern Thailand, helping students continue their education at the local elementary schools, to which they could bike from their homes in the village.

Today, our reach has expanded to other villages, meaning we’re helping more and more students. But it has expanded in other ways too. When we started in 2008, almost HALF of the students dropped out of school before Grade 9. Today, 98% of our students finish Grade 9 and go on to continue higher education!

We are so excited and proud of our students–but our work cannot stop there! As they continue on to higher education, they have to move to where the vocational schools, high schools, colleges, and universities are. They have to leave their small villages to go to Chiang Rai city. To continue to support our students, we need to follow them there and continue to provide mentorship, a safe place for them to stay, and to keep in touch with us.


Our goal is to create a SECOND Resource Center in Chiang Rai City, where our older students can come to attend workshops, get mentorship, and additional educational resources, as well as a safe haven for those who need it.


In order to create this Chiang Rai City Center, we will need to be able to rent an appropriate space, employ & train staff to run it, provide material support like office supplies, computers, library, and teaching materials, and fund home visits to remain in close touch and guidance with our students.


There are three ways you can help us expand our reach, meet the demands of burgeoning needs, and disrupt the patterns of trafficking.

  1. Watch this video about our Expansion and then SHARE it on Facebook, Twitter and by email.
  2. Visit our Global Giving page and make a one-time or recurring donation to help us reach our goal. 
  3. Consider partnering your school, church or faith community with our prevention efforts (more information in our 2015 Partnership Magazine). 

Your support has been INCREDIBLE and INVALUABLE! We could not have made it this far without your generosity, passion, and commitment. Please consider helping us continue the fight against trafficking. Please help us  keep our kids innocent and dreaming so that trafficking never happens at all. Please help us invest in prevention.

Thank you.

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