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‘The Rachel’ Necklace
July 22, 2013

Ember Arts is a business partnering with 28 Ugandan women survivors of war and poverty to assist them in fulfilling their dreams for themselves and their families. The women handmake all of Ember Arts’ jewelry pieces from recycled paper. These women are then able to use the money to achieve things like educating their children or starting their own businesses.

This month, SOLD’s own Rachel Goble has been selected as one of Ember Art’s heroes, women they recognize for chasing their own dreams to make the world a better place. Ember Arts is featuring SOLD this month and 50% of proceeds from their online sales will be helping to fund our prevention programs in Thailand.

We’re excited to announce that Ember Arts has created a special piece called ‘The Rachel,’ that beautifully symbolizes the work of SOLD. The necklace has 140 beads, which symbolize the 140 students we are currently sponsoring. The beads are made from two kinds of recycled paper: black paper and vintage books. The piece starts with the dark beads in the back, which symbolize the danger of a world where trafficking exists, and then progresses towards four pillars of the lighter, vintage book beads to symbolize the hopeful story SOLD is providing through education. The four sections of story beads represent the four pillars of our work: Education, Mentorships, Resources, and Awareness.

You can see the necklace, as well as explore the story of Ember Arts and the women they work with, here. We are so thankful for the opportunity to partner with Ember Arts in the quest to provide opportunity and help women achieve dreams for a better life.

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