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The News in March
March 30, 2017

News organizations have lately been posting useful resources on trafficking: how to identify it, how to talk about it with your kids, and constructive examples of how to be part of the movement to bring it to an end. Here’s some of what we found:

On Educating the Community

From The Baltimore Sun: What Every Parent Should Know About Sex Trafficking

“Unlike made for Hollywood movies on sex trafficking, victims are infrequently kidnapped. More often, traffickers will portray themselves as prospective lovers or faux family in order to lure their victims away from their social support system. Once isolated, the trafficker will typically keep the victim under control through a cyclical process of ingratiation, and mental and physical abuse, putting them to work on the streets or in hotel room meetings hastily arranged through sex sites on the Internet.” Read the article for more tips and info.

From Rolling StoneDC’s Missing Teens: How a Community is Fighting Human Trafficking

Recently, black and Latino teens have gone missing in the I-495 corridor between Baltimore and D.C., where some activists and experts suspect a hub of trafficking is growing. Local citizens, nonprofits, and clergy members have been active at town halls and with law enforcement to keep attention drawn towards the issue. They’ve highlighted how kids and teens might become vulnerable to trafficking and “Mayor Bowser created a task force to address core reasons why children leave their homes and to support teens who may be at risk for running away.”

From Western Recorder: Child Trafficking: Ways to discuss topic with kids

A Christian perspective on how to talk about trafficking and slavery with your children.


On Educating Professionals

From Houston Public MediaNew Study Reveals Human Trafficking Indicators

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Houston-Downtown, Rebecca Pfeffer, worked alongside local law enforcement to analyze police reports of prostitution to uncover potential indicators of trafficking victims. Houston Police reports being open to evidence-based research that can help them view cases in a new light and plans to implement recommendations from the study, with the hopes it will help reduce crime.

From MyNorthwestVictims of Human Trafficking are Hiding in ‘Plain Sight’

“Dr. Hanni Stoklosa, an emergency department physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and instructor in emergency medicine at Harvard Medical School, is teaching physicians to be alert. ‘In many ways, victims of trafficking are hiding in plain site [sic] in our health care settings….And there is good data to suggest sixty-six to eighty-eight percent of trafficking survivors in the U.S. interface with health care at some point during exploitation. That gives us an opportunity to interrupt their cycle of violence.'”

From Pattaya MailThai, Myanmar Immigrations to Jointly Suppress Human Trafficking

“Immigration officials from Thailand and Myanmar co-hosted a workshop to jointly suppress human trafficking and facilitate travels of Myanmar migrant workers back to their home country during the Songkran holiday.”

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