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The Newest Addition to SOLD’s Board of Directors
May 9, 2016

Meet Nick Parisi — the newest addition to The SOLD Project’s board.


Nick is a business-minded adventurer who has worked in real estate private equity for the past eleven years.

During his free time, he’s managed to survive motorcycle rides through the rainforest, rappelling off everything from college dorms to jungle sinkholes, and SCUBA diving in near-freezing temperatures. His business experience, past work with international non-profits, and personal travel opened his eyes to how connected the world is, leading him to pursue a global MBA from Duke University. During his MBA program, he studied in Russia, UAE, England, India, and China and was struck by the global need for organizations like SOLD.

Nick has been a supporter of SOLD since its start. When Rachel Goble, SOLD’s president, asked him to become more involved by becoming a board member, he decided he couldn’t refuse. When asked why, he said,

striving to end child exploitation is not a hard cause to throw your support behind, but what differentiates SOLD is its focus on prevention. If you can identify key indicators and find a way to prevent exploitation before it happens, that’s something I want to invest in.

He also noted that he continues to be impressed by Rachel’s leadership and ability to address complex issues with both intelligence and intercultural understanding.

With his love for numbers and data, Nick is excited to see SOLD continue to grow in its field research and academic rigor. He considers it a privilege to join the Board of Directors for The SOLD Project.

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