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The Global Fight
February 21, 2013

Last week, people from around the world stood up with Eve Ensler (of The Vagina Monologues fame) and danced to protest violence against women. From ordinary citizens, to major celebrities – even members of the European Parliament joined in the dance to combat violence against women. It was a global event to speak out against what remains a global problem (warning: that link is to a video that contains graphic images that may include trauma triggers). And likewise several states are adopting legislation to strengthen anti-human trafficking endeavors. It would seem efforts to combat trafficking and other manners of oppressing and bringing harm to women are gaining momentum. But let us not be fooled about how deep and how wide this problem is, nor how stubbornly it persists. While activists were dancing, the U.N. issued a new report that human trafficking has been found in 118 countries, and the vast majority of victims are women and children. According to the report, “trafficking for sexual exploitation accounts for 58 percent of all trafficking cases detected globally while the share of detected cases for forced labor has doubled over the past four years to 36 percent.” (Associated Press) Meanwhile, “women account for 55-60 percent of all trafficking victims detected globally, and women and girls together account for about 75 percent,” and the trafficking of children is apparently on the rise. (Associated Press) We sing and dance and yell and scream to stop these atrocities and our voices are only growing louder. But we fight a many-headed monster, and it, too, continues to feed and grow. And so we must soldier on.