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Thank You and Here’s Your Impact!
January 3, 2019


Because of your generosity, we hit our goal and raised over $100,000 for 2019!! “Thank you” barely begins to cover our gratitude.

Because of you, we can send at-risk kids to school. We can fund counselors and mentors who help keep them in school when things get rough. We can continue our sustainability programs that provide supplemental income sources for families. And we can continue to grow our legal & human rights workshops to help strengthen the community. All that…and much more!

This kind of impact is possible only through your support! For all your encouragement and help, we are deeply grateful.

In Other News…

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Through the month of January anti-trafficking advocates, organizations and caring individuals are uniting to raise awareness about human trafficking and how to prevent it. As the U.S. Department of Defense website states, children in the Mekong region are among those most sexually exploited. Hence we are well placed in northern Thailand with our robust and growing prevention programs.

This month, we’ll be sharing some of our resources with you, our donors and supporters. We’ll share all kinds of good information that everyone should know about trafficking, how it works, why & how prevention works, and other things to know. Keep an eye out on our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to catch these tidbits!

We hope you’ll join us and walk alongside us as we continue our journey into a better, more free world for all of us.

Happy 2019!

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