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The Freedom Story in the News!

This month’s news round up includes features involving The Freedom Story! The Freedom Story in the News Jeremy Lin Travels with Pastor Eugene Cho to Thailand’s

The News in April/May

Thailand A survey suggests the public thinks trafficking in Thailand is getting worse A new survey suggests most people in Thailand thing the human trafficking

Early 2017 In the News

Thailand Thailand’ Efforts to Combat Trafficking Have Shown Marked Improvement There are several ways in which Thailand has ramped up counter trafficking efforts. “First of

Trafficking in the News

Trends in the News on Trafficking We’re breaking with our traditional format of relating the news to highlight an interesting trend in reporting on the

Last Month, Today: The News in July

LOCAL Ad Campaign Reveals ‘Ugly Truth’ About Trafficking in U.S. In July, the San Diego District Attorney’s Office launched a new ad campaign directed at

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