child trafficking

Evolution in Raid & Rescues

About 10 to 15 years ago, when people heard about the horrors of child trafficking and felt compelled to do something to help fight it,

Senators Against Trafficking

In the recent sudden upswing in social media interest around child trafficking, there seemed to be an insinuation that child trafficking is an issue everyone

A Shift in How Trafficking Happens

When we first began our work in trafficking prevention back in 2008-2009, the prevailing understanding about how trafficking happens in the region was one of

The Numbers Problem

The very nature of sex trafficking makes it incredibly difficult to track. There’s no national or international registry of sex traffickers, no single document tracing

Awareness v. Prevention

Awareness raising is a necessary, but insufficient component of real trafficking prevention. Raising awareness that trafficking exists, how it happens, and how you can protect

Dispelling Myths About Aftercare

The most common media narrative about trafficking looks something like: trafficked ⇒ rescued ⇒ saved ⇒ happily ever after. Unfortunately, for many who have been