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Students in Need of Sponsors
June 12, 2013


We’re in the business of opening doors. We provide a little helping hand in situations where sometimes all a child needs is for someone to look their way and say, “I see you.” Children who, if given even just the slightest sliver of hope, will jump at the opportunity to thrive. We provide scholarships for students whose means are so limited that even $1 a day is enough to keep them from an education. Believing in the power of education and strong mentorship as we do, we want to keep them in school, every day. If you’ve been following our blog, you can see how we not only touch individual lives, we help benefits spiral outward to the community as well. As has been repeatedly demonstrated, women and children are critical components of a well-functioning society and investing in them helps stabilize and grow communities as well as nations. This is the message we send. You can be a part of that too.


Right now, we have 13 students in need of sponsorship:


At the University level ($55/month) – we have 6 students

High School ($45/month) – 2 students

Primary/Vocational ($31/month) –  5 students


Please know, absolutely 100% of each sponsorship donationgoes directly into that individual child’s education fund. No fees, no deductions for staff overhead. We raise that money separately.


If you’d like to help us turn opportunities into reality for a child in need,



We’ve made big headlines this year, not the least of which includes gaining the support of The Girl Effect/The Nike Foundation. But we couldn’t do any of what we do without your help! We need YOU to help make this all happen.


Help us bring an end to child trafficking, one educated child at a time.


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