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Student letters from camp have arrived for you!
June 13, 2024

Do you remember writing letters home from camp? Camp is such a special experience and it’s so meaningful for kids to have a chance to share about how it impacted them. Your support for our students to join camp activities is making a difference, providing at-risk children with a truly unique and meaningful experience that they deeply value. Our staff shared that the students who participated in our first camp were so eager and enthusiastic, they didn’t even need the usual reminders of the upcoming event!

We’re so excited to share our students’ reflections with you! Please consider the following messages as our care packages to you from our campers!


Here’s what they said:

“I became a group leader at this camp. Since there were many students from different places, it was a bit challenging to encourage everyone to unite, but I did well! Being a leader helped me understand the benefits of the lessons TFS taught me because every lesson is helpful in my daily life. I feel very thankful for all the activities and I’m very proud of myself.”  – P

Another student, whom we’ll call “S,” says:

“My success from this camp is that I made many new friends from different places and improved my role-playing skills. I used to be a shy girl, but after joining this camp, I’ve gained more self-esteem and enjoyed every moment of it.” – S

A third student shares:

“This camp was the first time in my life doing something like this. Joining this camp, making many new friends, and getting to know all the mentors from TFS made me really happy. Apart from that, I learned many useful things such as anti-trafficking, hacker prevention, family relationships, and mental health. The camp was really fun, and I’ve gained a lot of self-assurance from everyone there. I’d love to send my gratitude to you all and everyone at TFS for providing me this camp and my scholarship. It helps me and my family a lot, reducing a burden on my parents. Thank you so much—this means a lot to me and my family.”  – KR

And finally, we couldn’t resist just one more. Here’s from a letter from K.H.:

“The camp was really fun and enjoyable! I made many new friends and played many new games that I had never played before. We had to run in every game, which was tiring but so much fun! Everybody was very happy! We didn’t just play, though. I also learned many new things from this camp. In each session, there were important lessons for us, such as anti-trafficking, life goal identifying, family relationships, risky behaviors, sexual abuse prevention, financial management, citizenship, and mental health. All of these lessons are useful in my daily life. I feel very safe and warm here with every mentor from TFS. Thank you all for making this camp possible. This camp will forever have a place in my heart.” – KH


Your support does more than simply make this possible. You are ensuring a long-term impact. The students set personal goals for the year and they are so determined to achieve them. Thank you so much for being a part of this special experience in their lives! 

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