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SOLD Australia – The Next Chapter
November 3, 2015

A guest post by SOLD staff member, Cameron Allen

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After being a part of The SOLD Project in many different ways over the past five years, I have finally held some discussions and a fundraising event with some of my friends and family to spread the word about this great organisation. The incredible news is…They have responded.

Personally I have always found it a little difficult to ask people for something. Maybe this is why it took me so long to reach out to my contacts in Australia. However, on a recent trip back to Perth, Western Australia, I had the opportunity to speak to a small group of people about what SOLD are doing in Thailand to get to the core of the human trafficking issue. I showed our first film and elaborated on how we have grown and what our ambitions are in the future. The people I spoke to are all involved in community development work and they are professionals in their field. To see and feel the response from them was inspiring, and not only that, it sparked a productive conversation about getting more people involved. They gave me fresh ideas about how to draw from my own story to connect with other people. (I had previously assumed it was SOLD’s story that would be most interesting.) They also referred me to other organizations in Australia that I have subsequently contacted, in order to pursue potential expansion opportunities.

Following that event I held a September Sacrifice where people gave up one of their daily habits and donated the money they saved to assist with SOLD’s city expansion. Once again, the response was incredible. This event raised close to $4000AUD and equally as important, people posed questions, asked what else they could do, and inquired about future Australia events.

What excites me about this recent interest in SOLD from my friends and family is that when people hear a story or hear about a program that works, they are more than willing to help. So, to the people who have supported myself and SOLD in these initial events, thank you! I am inspired by your response and it gives me hope that collectively we can get to the core of human trafficking in northern Thailand, and give the girls and boys who are vulnerable to this horrific trade the choices that they deserve in life.


I am incredibly proud of my friends and family who took the time out of their busy lives to consider others and support us. While here in northern Thailand the visionaries of SOLD are dreaming big for the future, I am so inspired by how people have responded in Australia and the potential support that this will have for SOLD’s future endeavours.

Thanks for sharing your journey and experience with us Cameron!

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