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Our Kids Value Education
May 30, 2019

We recently did a survey of our students, and while we’re still analyzing the results, we have some preliminary numbers that we thought would be fun to share with you!

TFS Students Believe in the Importance of Education

The survey included a few questions on how students saw the value and importance of education. Here’s some of what we found:

  • 85% (or 52 out of 61 students) said that it was very important to finish secondary school. Almost all of the remaining students still categorized it as important.
  • When asked what kids should do if their family needs them to work and bring money home, 89% said the kids should go to school AND work, but only if it doesn’t hurt their grades.
  • When asked if it was more important for boys or for girls to continue their education, a resounding 96% said it is equally really important for both!

  • And what’s more, 86% of the students agreed or strongly agreed that because of The Freedom Story’s support and programs, they have higher educational goals than before!

So, not only do our students place a high value on education, they place such a high priority on it that they feel even supporting their family when needed should not have a negative impact on their grades. Moreover, participating in our programs has encouraged them to dream bigger about their education!

And the gender question is particularly noteworthy when, in so many places, the value of a boy’s education is given such primacy. The fact that our students believe in equality (at least in this sense) may go a long way towards girl empowerment and all the good that entails!

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