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Our Impact in 2017
February 5, 2018

2017 was one of our best years yet, with so many exciting moments and accomplishments to share! Here are some of the highlights:

  • We re-branded our work from The SOLD Project to “The Freedom Story” in solidarity with our values of Ethical Storytelling;
  • Resources at our Pong Prae and Chiang Rai Resource Centers were accessed over 2,900 times by at least 390 students;
  • Scholarships were provided to 110 students;
  • At least 101 students have participated in our leadership development programs;
  • 244 students, 58 parents, and 23 NGO, school, and government staff have gone through our awareness and human rights training;
  • We released a new overview film, narrated by  actress Serinda Swan;
  • We launched our social impact brand, Shop Seri, providing employment to the community and a new revenue stream to TFS;
  • To see the impact of your investment by month, we’ve made our monthly newsletters available online.

This is just the beginning of the incredible impact made possible by the donations, volunteer hours, and other support of our friends and allies in 2017! Take a look at our 2017 Impact Report to see all of our accomplishments and more.

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