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Meet Nathan!
July 25, 2013

The SOLD Project family is growing! Over the next couple weeks, we’ll continue introducing you to the newest additions to our family. Today, we’d like you to meet Nathan Ritter, who has recently joined our Resource Center staff as Volunteer Coordinator and Program Director.


Nathan moved to Thailand in 2009 and has never looked back. He hopes to live here forever. He is a fun guy who loves playing all kinds of different games. He likes adventure and doing creative activities, and he enjoys being with people, especially with children because they don’t easily forget how to have simple fun and pleasure in life.

Nathan hopes to use his talents and passion for Thailand to put smiles on people’s faces and joy in their hearts, as well as help them see what true life is all about. He has a beautiful wife named Nueng who is just as fun-loving as he is. And they have three cats named after food because…why not?

Nathan wants to serve God well and make a valuable contribution in the lives of the kids at The SOLD Project and in the lives of their families as well as in the whole community.

When asked what dream he has for the kids at SOLD, he responds:

“I want each and every kid at SOLD to be able to look back on these development years as children and young adults with happiness and fond memories.  I want them to truly have all the info and education they need to make competent decisions during these crucial years of life in order to propel them into a healthy adulthood lifestyle.

If I may dream even more, I want them to know–truly know deep in their hearts–that there are people who love them and care for them; who think that they are special and have great worth.  And from that knowing, I want them to feel that way about themselves as well. I want them to have the confidence and self-respect that they need to go forth into adulthood and make a positive difference in this world for themselves, their families, and their communities.”

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