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Meet Khae
July 29, 2013

The SOLD Project family is growing! Today, we’d like you to meet one last addition to our family. Nongnut Jamparat, who goes by the nickname Khae, has recently joined our Resource Center staff as Community Development Manager. 


Nongnut Jamparat, whose nickname is Khae, graduated with a degree in Social Science (Social Development). Originally from Naan Province, Khae joined The SOLD Project team, wanting to be a part of an organization that agrees with her belief that everyone is equal––that they all have worth as human beings and deserve the same dignity, respect, and value.

People in villages are often taken advantage of by other parts of society. Poverty may cause the family to split or to do whatever it takes to provide for their family. Khae believes these circumstances put children at risk in today’s society. She wants to be a part of an opportunity to create understanding and knowledge for the villagers and youth who are at risk, to show them God’s love, which she wants to share with the people in the community. She wants to see the villagers have a better quality of life by realizing their own potential to sustain their community without relying solely on outside resources. The SOLD Project’s vision and goals to help develop society are in line with her dream so she wants to be a part of this work.

She now assists with home visits, keeping track of our students’ individual situations and needs, helping to mentor and guide them and help their families where she can. In just a few short months, she has already proved herself to be an invaluable asset to our team.

When asked what dreams she holds for the kids at SOLD, she said:

“I want to see each of our kids graduate with a bachelor’s degree or above.  I wish for  each of the kids to be completely safe from trafficking as well as safe and healthy physically and mentally. And I want to see each kid’s family taking the best care of them at home.”

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