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Coronavirus Situation in Thailand

Here is an update on how the Coronavirus situation is unfolding in Thailand. The total number of recorded cases of the Coronavirus is a little

Jaeng Shares Her Story

We asked some of our students, like Jaeng, to share how the Coronavirus and the lockdowns are affecting them personally. Here is her story. From

Cat Shares Her Perspective

Our long-time donors and supporters know Cat, the young girl who was our first scholarship student, and who has grown into an incredibly strong, bold,

Rising Domestic Violence

From the outset of the Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting shelter in place, quarantine and lockdown orders, we have been concerned about the potential rise

Update: Latest Efforts

Our team has been active in the field, ramping up our latest efforts to bring essential goods and services to the community in this time

The Impact of Social Isolation

One of the most mind-bending things about this pandemic is how it has collapsed human experience so that people from all walks of life, from