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April 5, 2018

News articles from the past month have settled into a few noteworthy themes: first, the rise in labor trafficking, Congress passing SESTA through the Senate, and survivor stories. Here are some pieces to check out!

On the rise in labor trafficking

In Europe

While sex trafficking is still the main form of trafficking in persons, experts in Europe are sounding the alarms over a noticeable rise in labor exploitation.

Source: Council of Europe

In Asia

Domestic maids are being trafficked in significant numbers from Myanmar to Singapore.

Source: Al Jazeera

Trafficking expert, Kevin Bales, has been working with experts on satellite technology to help identify sites of labor exploitation and bonded labor, showing innovative ways we can harness the power of technology to fight human trafficking.

Source: Channel News Asia


Controversial new legislation: SESTA

The Senate recently passed legislation, expected to be signed into law, that holds websites like Backpage and Craigslist accountable for hosting anything that enables sex trafficking. The hope is that it will help prevent sex trafficking, especially of minors, however, the legislation has some critics. Some worry about the effect on freedom of speech. Others, especially voluntary sex workers who use those websites to help screen clients and protect themselves from violence, worry about unintended consequences for sex workers who are not trafficking victims.

Sources: The Nation, This is Insider, Wilmington Town Crier, Fortune, WDTN


Survivor stories

CBS News recently published a piece following Alyssa Beck, a domestic survivor of child sex trafficking. Ashton Kutcher and various experts also weigh in on her story.

Source: CBS News

The Atlantic recently published a series of articles about women who came to America seeking opportunity and instead found themselves as domestic slaves.

Source: The Atlantic

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