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Honoring Plah Chermue
September 7, 2017

One of our staff members, Plah Chermue, has been with us since The Freedom Story (formerly The SOLD Project) was in its infancy. She has played an instrumental role in shaping the organization, and helping it run as well as it has. Unfortunately, her time with us at The Freedom Story is coming to a close–and for good reason! We’re excited to announce Plah is pregnant! She will leave this autumn to spend time focusing on her new baby and investing in her family. We are thrilled for the new addition to her family, even as we are sad to see her leave ours. We can’t let her leave, though, without first sharing a few words about the wonderful person she is and the indelible impact she has made.

Plah Chermue is a consummate mother. If there is any one who could embody and define maternal figure, Plah would be the woman. When you are in her presence, you feel grounded, listened to, empathized with, and understood. It is no wonder so many kids, both at The Freedom Story and in the neighboring villages, feel drawn to her and know her as a safe space.

Plah has listened to countless stories, advised and mentored hundreds of children, laughed and cried with them as they shared their lives with her. She has guided them to making good and better decisions, and been their place to turn when they had no other.

There is no one with a bigger heart than Plah’s.

If you would like to see just one example of a life she has touched, watch this video.

Watch “A Chance | A Freedom Story” on Vimeo

Plah Chermue, as Akha hill tribe, and as a woman, has faced her own fair share of challenges, strife, and discrimination. She is able to help these children so well, in part because she has overcome incredible adversity on her own as well.

It is fitting and right that Plah, who has been such an extraordinary mother figure to the children here, is now taking time to invest in herself and her new baby on the way.

We wish all the joy, happiness, and good health for Plah and her family–and thank her, from the bottom of our hearts, for everything she has given ours.

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