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Education Unlocking Doors to the Future
August 30, 2018

We know from experience talking with survivors of trafficking that poverty and lack of education are key factors that render people vulnerable. Without enough money to live on, people resort to the lucrative sex trade. Without education, it becomes even less likely people can earn an income to live on. This is why access to education was the first problem we tried to tackle, and as our organization grows, it remains one of the key core pillars of our holistic prevention program.

For many of our students, having financial support and counselors who encourage them as they break down barriers both large and small to getting an education has been life changing. As they shared with us in an informal survey:

  • 93% of our scholarship students who took the survey agreed or strongly agreed that The Freedom Story has increased their confidence that they will meet their educational goals
  • 95% agreed that pursuing higher education would improve their opportunities in life
  • 72.4% said that The Freedom Story helps them do well in school
  • 80.8% said The Freedom Story made them realize they have more options for the future, and
  • 76.6% said their counselor or mentor at The Freedom Story plays an important role in their life.

As Benjamin Franklin is reputed to have said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” We find this to be more true than we had ever dared believe.

Do you want to join us and invest in prevention? Click here to make your investment!

*Note: This informal survey was conducted with 64 students (47 scholarship students, 17 non-scholarship students). Responses were anonymous and confidential so no one response could be tied to any respondent, and students knew their answers would not in any way affect their scholarship or their standing with The Freedom Story

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