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Did You Hear the News?
April 12, 2015

First, The SOLD Project made its mark on National Geographic this week, catching headlines on their Killing With Kindness campaign to highlight organizations helping others all around the world.

Second, our friend and supporter Justin Fung recently had the honor of delivering the closing prayer at the White House Easter Breakfast. We think the people that support SOLD are pretty incredible, and asked him to share a few words about why he gives to SOLD here:

“Since I learned about the horrors of human trafficking and modern day slavery, I’ve tried to support organizations involved in combating them. The SOLD Project seeks to to prevent human trafficking before it even happens by providing scholarships and other resources for children at risk in Thailand to stay in school. My faith calls me to care for the vulnerable and one of the ways I do that is by proudly supporting the outstanding work of The SOLD Project.”

But have you heard our REALLY BIG news?


We’re GROWING!!!

As our students’ needs have shifted and changed, we’ve come to see that we really need to have a presence in the nearby urban center, Chiang Rai. To meet the needs of our older high school and university students, we need to be where they are: in the city. So in addition to our current Resource Center, we are putting together plans to build a new City Center in Chiang Rai!

On April 11, Rachel Goble and Tawee Donchai held a special event to announce our expansion and “share our vision and passion to see prevention disrupt human trafficking in Northern Thailand and around the world.”

If you missed the event or were unable to attend, fear not! Keep your eye out for more news on this front and we will soon share ways you can help and be a part of our exciting new plan. Stay tuned!

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