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Cyber Trafficking: the Next Frontier
February 23, 2016

12729057_10153965623454595_6202127674165390313_n_595x446Northern Thai Officials Join an International Initiative to Counter Child Trafficking Online

As people around the globe have become more connected digitally and more internet savvy, so too have traffickers, and law enforcement agencies, as well as anti-trafficking organizations, have needed to shift their efforts to keep pace.

One of our partners, Boom Bean from the HUG Project, has been at the forefront of anti-trafficking efforts in Northern Thailand, working in close concert with TRAFCORD, the Northern Thai division of law enforcement. To help combat the growing phenomenon of cyber trafficking, they have worked together to create a Children’s Advocacy Center (A.C.T.), a pilot project harnessing the collaborative efforts of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security Investigation, the National Crime Agency of England, Italian Police, French Police, Switzerland Police, and others. A.C.T. is the first organization of its kind both here in Thailand and in ASEAN more broadly. Their aims are to combat trafficking through greater inter-agency collaboration in investigation, law enforcement, and in support of victims after rescue.

A.C.T. opened on February 19, with a ceremony to honor all the hard work and diligence of its members, partners, and supporters. The SOLD Project was honored to be among the partners represented.
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