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Congrats to the Graduates!
May 10, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that 19 of our students are graduates from their course of study!

The Graduates

3 students graduated from elementary school

5 students graduated from middle school

3 students graduated from upper secondary school

2 people graduated with a vocational certificate

2 people graduated with a high vocational diploma

3 people graduated from a short course

And 1 person even graduated from university!!

This is what success in prevention looks like.

In a study of commercially sexually exploited children in the northern region of Chiang Rai, researcher Simon Baker writes, “The best data indicating the number of children at risk of being victims of child prostitution are education enrollment figures. Education is a surrogate measure for both child labour and child prostitution.”

According to human trafficking expert Louise Shelly, “Those who are trafficked are the least educated. In the triborder area in Thailand, 22 percent of surveyed prostitutes had never attended school and 41.5% had some exposure to primary education.”

Many of these students’ parents never achieved higher than middle school. Each of these students faced a life of hardship and pressures that might have forced them into the sex trade or other exploitative labor. Yet they made it safely through their course of study. Now they will have more doors open to them for better job opportunities, better chances of earning a decent living wage, greater awareness of those who might try to exploit them, and better skills at discerning risky offers and making safer choices.

Through their hard work and determination and with the help of your support, these graduates have achieved the next level of protection and the chance for a better life.

Thank you for making this possible.

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