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Changing Our Name to The Freedom Story: Your FAQs
January 3, 2017

Got some questions about our new name? Check out our FAQs here:

Q1. Why did you change your name?

Years ago we realized that the name “SOLD” didn’t convey the freedom and dignity that we as an organization seek for our students, our staff, and our donors. While the name was catchy — and definitely not bad — we’ve increasingly felt the need to align our actions, our heart, our brand, and our messaging with our mission of preventing child trafficking and exploitation and telling stories with dignity.

Q2. Why now?

For two reasons.

First, we want to ensure that every aspect of what we do reflects the respect we have for the dignity of those we serve. Our understanding of what this entails has evolved over time, and given the growth we’ve seen over the last couple of years, we feel that now would be a good time to match this growth with a name that better reflects all that we do and all that we want to grow into.

Second, while we’ve thought about changing our name for several years, we’ve never had the resources to do so. Thanks to new staff and some remarkable long-term volunteers, we do now.

Q3. What does this mean for your mission?

Our mission is the same. We’re rebranding our organization to The Freedom Story to better align with who we’ve evolved to be and the direction we’re going: an organization dedicated to preventing child exploitation and trafficking at the source and telling stories with dignity.  

Q4. Will this affect the student I sponsor?

No. Except maybe to the extent that the name better reflects our purpose and creates better understanding.

Q5. Will this affect my donation?

No. Other than the name that pops up on your bank statement. For donors who give by check, please start writing out to The Freedom Story. For those donors who give through your company, you can contact us to find out more (we may already be in progress with your company for the switch).

Q6. Why The Freedom Story?

We use story to connect people across the globe with our mission of preventing child trafficking, exploitation, and slavery. We use story to inspire people to see their greatest attributes and capacities. We share in telling the stories of children with the dignity they deserve, and we carve out a space in which at-risk children can write their own unique stories of possibility and freedom.

But it’s deeper than this. We ARE a compilation of stories, collectively contributing to a larger narrative of change. Whether our donors, our staff, or the children we serve, each story drives action and instills purpose. Together they contribute to the story that we and others are striving for: the end of human trafficking, child exploitation, and slavery. The story we are telling is that we all become more human as we all become more free.

Q7. What’s wrong with The SOLD Project?

“The SOLD Project” name was initially very effective at what it was meant to do: drive interest and attention towards the documentary that birthed our role in the movement for a slave free world. Yet, it never felt right to call our students “SOLD kids.” As our President Rachel Goble was passing out old to t-shirts to our scholarship students one day, this realization hit her hard. She never wanted them to be associated with the word SOLD. It’s the exact opposite of what we sought to accomplish: ensuring children remain priceless, invaluable, and free to pursue a life of possibility and freedom.

Q8. How can I help spread the word?

You can start to spread the word of the change, whether in conversation, on social media, or by email. Are there people in your life that you’ve talked about The SOLD Project with? Be sure to tell them about our new name! Are there others you think might be interested in joining the movement to end child exploitation and trafficking? Take them to coffee or invite them to watch our newest videos with you, and ask them how they think they could be involved. Are there conversations with local churches, fellow activists, or student organizations you can have?

And, of course:

  • Starting on January 2nd, please make sure to POST and SHARE the new website and videos!
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