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TIP Report Special Focus: Climate Change

This year’s TIP Report highlights the looming threat of climate change and its links to vulnerability to human trafficking. It argues that climate change-related disasters

The 2022 TIP Report

The 2022 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report was released last week and we thought it might be helpful if we shared some of the key

Trafficking in the News

The latest in the news about human trafficking is a great illustration of the breadth of extremes this crime touches. Recent revelations about an Olympic

A Positive Spin on the Data Problem

Back in 2020, there was a huge surge of social media interest around child sex trafficking when people were sharing numbers about missing children that

Kids As Traffickers

When we think of child trafficking, we generally assume the trafficker is an older adult who preys on minors. That has typically been the case,

The Stakes of Trafficking are Rising

Trafficking is already a horrific, damaging, and traumatizing experience. Unfortunately, there are dynamics in play now that are making it worse – not just in

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