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Trafficking in the News

Trends in the News on Trafficking We’re breaking with our traditional format of relating the news to highlight an interesting trend in reporting on the

10 Ways To Be a Better Ally

Anyone can be an ally in the fight to end child trafficking and exploitation. Our staff, whether paid or volunteer, range from counselors, mentors, and

Last Month, Today: The News in July

LOCAL Ad Campaign Reveals ‘Ugly Truth’ About Trafficking in U.S. In July, the San Diego District Attorney’s Office launched a new ad campaign directed at

How to Market as a Nonprofit

Marketing can be a scary, even dirty, word in the nonprofit world. But good marketing is nothing more than engaging your audience in an authentic

Should Sex Work Be Legal?

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock/EdOnly The debate over the legalization of prostitution and how it affects trafficking The debate over the legalization of prostitution is inextricably

Why You Should Know Shane Claiborne

“The hardest steps are the first ones. As we begin to move, we find community.” – Shane Claiborne Last week, The SOLD Project was honored

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