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Community-Led Social Justice

6 Benefits of Grassroots Efforts & Mobilization In our decade of experience with building a grassroots organization, we have witnessed changes in the local community,

News From July

The news about trafficking from the past month has been remarkably slow. One major development occurred, however: the discovery and arrest of a major trafficking

Trafficking in the News

Here’s some of the latest! Thailand is turning to tech to help combat trafficking in the fishing industry   Thailand has adopted a few different

Profile of a Victim

Breaking Down Victim Stereotypes Human trafficking is a topic that has been in the public spotlight for several years now, and still there are so

The Case of Female Traffickers

The overwhelming stereotype of traffickers is that of the male perpetrator, either working alone as a pimp or as part of a larger crime network.

Latest in the News

News articles from the past month have settled into a few noteworthy themes: first, the rise in labor trafficking, Congress passing SESTA through the Senate,

Best Reads: Articles on Trafficking

It would be nearly impossible to compile a comprehensive bibliography of all the articles written about trafficking children, or humans more generally. Over the past

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