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Announcing Launch of New Partner Evolve
April 12, 2016

The SOLD Project is excited to be named a Love in Action partner of evolve, a new purpose-driven, yoga-inspired fitness apparel company founded by our friend Jason Leon.

With a mission of “transforming lives, one purchase at a time,” evolve seeks to inspire men and women to discover their best selves while making a social impact.

Three pieces from evolve’s New Beginnings line include a donation to the SOLD Project: the Rachel Legging (named after our founder Rachel Goble), the Donna Racerback sports bra, and the Dawn Capri legging.

“We love the work the SOLD Project is doing in Thailand and around the world,” Jason said. “It fits perfectly with evolve’s core values of compassion and empowerment and really lives out our love-in-action credo.”

We encourage you to visit evolve at