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An Interview with Jason Leon, Founder and CEO of evolve
May 28, 2016


JonathanJason crossing the finish line at the Napa Marathon, which he ran to raise money for evolve’s Love in Action partners. 

SOLD: Tell me a little more about what inspired evolve, and how it came to be the brand it is now?

Jason: evolve was born from the intersection of my three passions: faith, fitness and fashion. Business for the sake of business never appealed to me, and I sought a way to bring my full self to my work. During my MBA program at the University of Texas, I was in a yoga class and suddenly had the idea to create a fitness apparel brand that strived to create a world where everyone had the ability to live into their fullest potential. I believe we become our best selves through the process of helping others become their best selves. This is what I refer to as “Love In Action.” Our core values are compassion, empowerment, wholeness, courage and creativity – everything we do at evolve begins with compassion.

SOLD: What inspired you to get involved with SOLD?

Jason: I went to Westmont College in Santa Barbara with Rachel Goble, and I’ve always been inspired by her journey. When I created evolve and started developing our Love In Action Partner Program, SOLD was the first organization that came to mind. Rachel and SOLD are the embodiment of “Love In Action,” and I am honored to share this journey with her and the entire SOLD team.

SOLD: What excites you about partnering with SOLD?

Jason: SOLD’s values align closely with those of evolve. Also, it excites me to think about someone in California buying a piece of evolve and being inspired by the reality that they are now part of SOLD’s story and have made an impact on the life of a child SOLD serves in Thailand, simply through their purchase.

SOLD: Is there something particular that draws you to helping nonprofits?

Jason: I’m passionate about creating business ecosystems that integrate non-profits, for-profits and consumers to drive social impact. Our proprietary giveback model is created on the CoDE framework – “Consumer Driven Empowerment. evolve is a platform the allows our tribe to support the work of our non-profit partners simply through their purchases. Our mission is to continue to use the CoDE model to empower and support the life-changing work of nonprofits around the world.

SOLD: What is something you’re hoping to see happen with SOLD as it continues to grow?

Jason: I am excited to see SOLD expand their work to various countries around the world.

SOLD: Evolve is passionate about social good, what motivates your team to keep pursuing this goal of a better world?

Jason: One word sums up our teams’ philosophy, “Ubuntu.” It’s a Zulu word that roughly translates as, I am because we are. We believe that we become our best self through helping others become their best selves. That is our collective “why.”

SOLD: What would be your dream for evolve?

Jason: To become the world’s leading humanitarian organization, globally recognized for creating a world that empowers and equips ALL people with the tools and resources needed to live into their fullest potential.

SOLD: What is an interesting fact some people might not know about you?

Jason: I love to dance, and my childhood dream was to perform with my cousin on Star Search!

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