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An Extraordinary Instance of Giving
September 2, 2013

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Supporters of The SOLD Project, Michelle Auerbach and her fiance Brian Brooks, are going above and beyond acts of daily generosityby donating their wedding to The SOLD Project! In this post, we’llfind out what that means and see just how they did it.


Michelle and Brian, thank you so much for your incredible kindness and willingness to share your special day with us! We’d love to tell everyone about what you’re doing. What does it mean that you’re donating your wedding? Can you explain exactly what you’re doing?

We are donating our wedding to SOLD by asking that no one give us presents, but that they donate to SOLD in honor of our wedding instead.

Here is how we did it: It was in the save the date info with a link to a page that SOLD set up for us, and then it was in the invitation.  I am planning on sending out more information to the people who are coming and I will include the link again and a little pep talk and instructions on how to donate again.

We are really hoping that everyone does it, and no one gives us gifts, because it means a lot to us to give as much as we can to SOLD’s mission of education and prevention. We both have talked to Rachel Goble a lot, seen all the SOLD videos, and the integrity and deep knowledge that the project displays is exactly what the world needs.

The world does not need one more set of wedding china, nor does it need any more cut crystal vases or place settings. We wanted to give the world something big – compassion, care, interest, possibility. Isn’t that what weddings are about?

It is indeed! How did you get the idea to do this?

We’ve been donors of time and money to SOLD for a few years. If we had the means, we would be giving huge sums of money and this was a chance to do just that. Plus, we secretly hope that our friends and family will get hooked and become supporters on their own.

When is your wedding date?

We’re getting married on October 5th 2013.

How have people responded to your decision to donate your wedding? Has it, thus far, impacted you in any way that might have surprised you?

People are thrilled to take care of the wedding present problem with one click and not to have to worry about it anymore. I was surprised that even after we sent out the save the date before the invitations went out, people were donating.

It’s clear your family and friends are all equally as generous as you. Is there anything you’d like to add or be sure others know too?

Tell people who are thinking of donating an event (wedding, birthday bar mitzvah, or high school graduation) that it is so easy for the people you ask to do it that they love you even more for making them not go to a store, look up your list, and figure out what’s the right level of gift.  In fact, they feel good about you and about themselves because giving to a great cause makes everyone feel good.

Many thanks again to the family and friends of Michelle and Brian–and congratulations to the happy couple! Many best wishes for the years to come!


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