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A Fresh Look After Five years of Fighting Trafficking with Education
December 2, 2013

As many of you might already know, The SOLD Project began not as a full-fledged organization, but as a documentary: the vision of young artists and filmmakers who wanted to shed light on human trafficking and the dark underbelly of a bright, fantastical tourist destination steeped in the sale of human beings. Steeped in the sale of children. The founders of The SOLD Project did not know at first just how much these children would end up touching their hearts…but move and inspire them, they did, to help any way the founders could. They moved with the conviction that the surest ticket out of harm’s way lay in the path of education.

It started with one scholarship to keep even just one young girl in school and off the streets. Five years later, The SOLD Project supports over 150 children in several impoverished villages and operates a Resource Center where community members feel safe, where kids can get extra help with their studies, and where awareness of the dangers of trafficking is raised. Moreover, The SOLD Project has been developing a reputation both in Thailand and in the U.S. as an organization dedicated to protecting children, one worthy of trust. We attribute our growth to our commitment to positive activism, responsible stewardship, transparency, and respect for local community and culture.

See what “Five Years” can do in the life of a child at risk.

With five years under our belt, now it’s time for a fresh look! We come with our vision renewed: a new logo and, of course, the apparel to go with it!

New to our store is a great new selection of stylish, slave-free, and super comfy garments! We’ve got a bunch of new items, from shirts and hoodies, to hats, water bottles, and other fashion accessories.

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The founders of The SOLD Project started out full of heart and a bold vision. Five years later, SOLD continues to give nothing but heart–and an even bolder vision. Help us continue to reach out to children at risk and give them opportunities to step out of the path of traffickers and into the bright light of hope and a renewed chance at a great future!

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