Prevent Child Trafficking This Spring

Give now to stretch your impact twice as far!

We have identified over 120 children who are at risk for sex trafficking and exploitation.

Your role is vital to transform their lives from a state of threat to one of hope.

We are asking for your support to raise $10,000 by midnight PST on April 25, 2023. Your gifts go directly to our prevention programs in northern Thailand – the only ones in the region – which aim to reduce the factors that push vulnerable children toward the sex trade and increase their sources of resilience.

If you give now, every dollar will be matched by an anonymous donor to DOUBLE the impact, up to $10,000.

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Goal: $10,000

It was as if another hand had reached out to help our family in a time of helplessness, like a light that opened the curtain, someone to bring us out of hopelessness to see some of the family’s hopes.”

Sara, TFS Scholarship Student

Here’s What Risk Looks Like

There are an estimated 610,000 people living in conditions of modern slavery in Thailand.

For children in rural Thailand, poverty, inflation, and the cost of living are all rising. Education expenses – uniforms, books, and transportation – can force families to pull their children out of school to work and supplement the family’s income. But with low education and few choices, children are easily trafficked into trading sex, especially online where exploitation is thriving.

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Here’s What Your Support Can Do

Keep kids in school and ensure access to the resources that can keep them safe from trafficking and exploitation. We’re thrilled and grateful to have you alongside us!


Training for 1 student in anti-trafficking awareness


One month of English Tutoring


One month of home visits to 80 students

You are transforming lives in Thailand.
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Join us to prevent and protect vulnerable children from exploitation through education, human rights and alleviating poverty.