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17 ways to give more with your company in 2017
January 17, 2017

With each new year, we are given a new opportunity to make it better than the last. Even though it is the middle of January, it is never too late to plan the ways your company can be more involved in giving back to the community.

Some of the best corporate giving campaigns are those that match your company’s skills and passions. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to get involved with charities – find the ones that excite you and your team.


Here are 17 ways you can do more this year:

    1. Run together: From dressing as a superhero and running 5k to walking as a team in a 3k, there are many ways to be active, raise awareness, inspire your team, and be part of a larger community. [Start your own campaign!] 
    2. Get your customers involved: Run a promotion where you give back from what your customers gave to you! Mazda did that during the 2016 holiday season. For every car that was test driven, they pledged one hour of community service. With every car purchased or leased, Mazda gave $150 to selected charities. 
    3. Encourage a culture of personal responsibility: Let your employees know they can take company time to volunteer. This allows them to get involved how they want and feel encouraged from a positive company culture. 
    4. Partner with other companies: Combine your two companies’ strengths and find ways you can impact others. Sharing an initiative can be a great way to work together, which also creates and even improves a long-term business relationship. 
    5. Party with a purpose: We always have corporate parties, from birthday gatherings to holiday extravaganzas. Focus your next party around giving back to a charity and set out a charity jar for the partygoers. 
    6. Celebrate the anniversary: What better way to give back to the community that has supported you for years than to donate on the day of your company’s founding? 
    7. Movie night: Get together, have some snacks and watch a documentary together. You can even collect donations as movie tickets and donate to your favorite charity at the end of the night. [Watch our films] 
    8. Clean up your community: For park days to trash pick up days, there are always ways you can get your team involved in keeping your city beautiful. 
    9. Go on a learning trip: If you really want to learn more and experience the problems firsthand, take your team on a learning trip. [Come to Thailand to visit us] 
    10. Get social for a cause: Create your own hashtag (or use one from a campaign you support) and get your team sharing on social media on behalf of your company and the charity. 
    11. Host a speaker: Encourage and educate your staff by having a speaker from your favorite charity share their passion, struggle, and vision. [Invite a speaker from The Freedom Story] 
    12. Donate old inventory: Can’t get rid of some products? Send it to a charity in need! 
    13. Feed the hungry: Get your team involved at a food bank or run a food drive at the workplace. 
    14. Collect much needed items: Set up a bin at the office and collect whatever is needed at the time, from back to school supplies to books to socks to diapers to coats. There are always people in need and it’s an easy way to give together. 
    15. Donate stock: Donate your company’s stock easily and securely through sites like 
    16. Sponsor a student as a team: Help kids complete school and inspire your team by supporting and following their success. [Discover students you can sponsor] 
    17. Participate in local government together: Although politics might be a little tricky to navigate in the workplace, there are always issues you can rally behind. Send a letter to your representative about issues like stopping human trafficking and have whoever is interested sign it as a team. [Learn more how]  

A culture of responsibility begins at the top – what will you do with your team this 2017?


Lauren Ellis
 started working as a graphic designer at 18 and by 26, she left her agency job to help start up a small web agency in downtown Austin where she worked as Creative Director. Since then, she left her home in America behind to work in Thailand with The Freedom Story. Lauren teaches art therapy classes, designs all of The Freedom Story’s work and manages the social media accounts.

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