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Presenting our 2015 Freedom Award Winner: Trevor Cecil
December 23, 2015


At our End of the Year Gala we presented Trevor Cecil with the 2015 FREEDOM Award. The FREEDOM Award Recipients are people who advocate for the mission and cause of SOLD, who have proven to “own” the mission or cause in their own way, proactively seek opportunities and leads for SOLD, and/or who have exhibited an over and above financial investment in our work.

Trevor grew up in a family that believed strongly in the importance of education and of serving the community. Trevor has helped his church and community through work with the Red Cross and the Early Childhood program at University Covenant Church. After graduating from Davis and moving to the East Bay to become a Software Consultant doing Workday Implementations, Trevor was referred to the SOLD Project to volunteer at the 2014 Movie Night. He immediately fell in love with SOLD’s Mission and the organization. Since then, Trevor has volunteered for every event we have put on, including: the 2015 Freedom Summit at Levi Stadium where he helped man our booth for 10 hours, two SOLD Project Movie Nights, and the 2014 End of Year Gala. He has also shared his commitment to SOLD with others, resulting in more donations.

Trevor is deeply passionate about the work that SOLD does and is grateful for our continued work in Thailand. As he communicated in his acceptance speech, Trevor’s commitment results from the fact that SOLD utilizes both local resources and international support. By doing so, Trevor believes that “The SOLD Project reinforces powerful messages. Every single day, dozens of children are able to wake up knowing….that people in their community are working tirelessly to mentor them, to teach them and to promote their freedom and safety, ….[and that there are] hundreds of donors, volunteers and supporters, working every day to give them better opportunities.”

Thank you so much to Trevor for such stellar commitment to the prevention of child exploitation!