Age: 21

Her dream is to be an Accountant and find a good job after she graduates.

Daraka is currently in her second year of a Vocational Certificate.

There are 5 people in her family: Daraka, her older sister, her younger sister, her father, and her mother. Her father is 70 years old and her mother is 40 years old. Her mother is a merchandiser and has her own store.

After she graduated from 9th grade, she took a break from school. She is now back in school studying to earn her Vocational Certificate in Accounting. 

Recently, her father got sick and had a stroke so the family had to pay for his medical expenses. Her father was the primary care giver for the family and now he can no longer work. Daraka works in the evenings after school to help her family.


About our scholarship program

Rather than focusing on rescue and rehabilitation, we keep Thai children from being trafficked in the first place. By providing scholarships and resources to the children we serve, we help them stay in school, complete their education in safety, and go on to lead free and happy lives.

Thanks to donors like you, we have awarded over 200 scholarships to at-risk Thai students as well as provided resources, mentors, and counselors. We’re also proud to boast that our students have a 93% graduation rate, compared to the regional average of 57%.

Thailand is a microcosm of the human trafficking epidemic. Many of its estimated 425,500 trafficking victims are forced laborers in the fish, garment, or shrimp industries. Many other Thais are exploited in the commercial sex industry. While technically illegal in Thailand, the sale of sex happens openly, and it’s estimated that up to 60,000 children take part in the Thai commercial sex trade every year. The average age of these children is between 12 and 20 years old, and the majority of them come from the less-developed regions of Northern Thailand.

Northern Thailand has the nation’s highest percentage of those who have never attended school: 9.9%. It also has the lowest average number of years of schooling: 7.31 years for boys and 6.56 years for girls, both of which fall under the already-low compulsory level of 9th grade. Dismal education rates often coincide with supply sites for sex traffickers.

Ninety percent of your scholarship donation goes directly to your student’s education fund. Ten percent goes to support our ground work in Thailand.

Interested in supporting our scholarship program? The Freedom Story commits fully to each scholarship student to support them for as far in their education as they are able to go, all the way to University. This means that when a sponsor may drop a student or miss a month, we pull from our General fund to supplement. 100% of your gift is allocated to our scholarship program to fill in these gaps.

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